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Aims & Objectives


This programme aims to equip students with the basic and applied principle of Sociology which is a scientific study of society. It is the knowledge base upon which social work is structured.  Social work is the application of Sociological principles for practical purposes.  It is geared to helping and improving the quality of life in societies.


  • To develop the skills to think “objectively” and analytically about ways in which social forces affect our everyday lives.
  • To understand the perspectives of persons with different cultural, ethnic and social background than the self.
  • To develop some understanding of social science research techniques, their assumptions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • To become familiar with both the minor and the major schools of thought, research findings, and theories of Sociology, developed by the founding fathers.
  • To be able to identify and discuss the differences between the three major theoretical paradigms used by sociologies in the analysis of society.
  • To develop the ability to examine critically the institutions and social organizations in Ghana, and the global society.
  • To recognize the importance of taking a global perspective in order to recognize the interdependence of our world’s natives and people.