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Message from the Head of Department

Prof Esmeranda
Prof. Esmeranda Manful

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Social Work, where the relationships of human beings to their social environments are taught. Established in 2005, the Department offers undergraduate and post-graduate Sociology and Social Work degrees. The vision of the Department is to promote excellence in sociological and social work studies to advance scholarship and enhance practice nationally and internationally. Its mission also focuses on the training of students capable of critical thinking and the conduct of impactful research that is apt and relevant for Ghana and globally. This mission is reflected in the background of the faculty who cumulatively have teaching and practice experience in Ghana and internationally.

The two disciplines, Sociology and Social Work, create an enabling innovative and interdisciplinary learning environment. The study of sociology explains social structures and processes. It examines how people create relationships and manage to live in groups with different behaviour patterns and social structures. Students develop a critical and analytical mind, which is very useful in the advancement of Ghanaian society. This sociological imagination help graduates contribute to a reduction in the incidence of mediocrity in Ghana and beyond. Whereas the Social Work degree programme, an academic and practice-based discipline, promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. The multidisciplinary and applied approach enables students to critically examine contemporary life challenges and approaches to enhance well-being. The knowledge acquired from this course equips graduates with the organisational, counselling and problem-solving skills to deal with these problems. As such, alumni of the Department can be found in diverse occupations, including academia, industry, politics and religion.

I am happy to welcome you to the Department of Sociology and Social Work as a student, researcher and collaborator.

Thank You.